Short Stories

Ethics & Governance tales with Tenali

The fictional democratic country of EMUSIA is gifted with a diverse population and adequate natural resources where living beings co-existed with each other. With the passage of time, the people of the country continued to expand boundaries of humanity by utilizing the natural resources and by developing technology to exploit the natural resources and by controlling other living beings (including fellow humans in some cases). The country was emerging to recognize the economics of vote, economics of power and economics of influence; all with the deep proliferation of underlying economics using money.

The democratically elected President of EMUSIA was focusing on technology adoption, advancement and progress, while parallelly taking measures to sustain his role as the President of the country. He had a sharp and witty individual named Tenali as one of his Chief Advisors. The President trusted Tenali and considered him as an asset to his regime. Tenali is a scholar with deep knowledge about science, politics and economics. He was practical and had a modest mindset. He stayed in Government quarters and used public transport for his commute. He considered enhancing human values through Government policies and actions as his personal mission while serving as an advisor to the President.

This series contains short stories of ethical and governance encounters (in the context of emerging technology) that Tenali comes across and how he deals with them.

Note: These stories are completely fictional and any resemblance to people, places and incidents are purely coincidental. I absolve all responsibilities for impacts arising out of any inference connecting these stories to real people, places and incidents.

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