Lightning talks and engagements

  • Lightning talk organized by Harvard Kennedy School, Shorenstein Centre, Product Management and Public Interest Convening (here)

  • Data Ethics and Sustainability Webinar series on AI for sustainable development organized by Circle of Sustainable Europe (CoSE) and AI Governance International (here), where I talked about Sustainable Data Ethics (here)

  • Spoke as a panel member on ‘Ethics and Consent: How Ethical AI can change the World’ organized by GRC World Forum (here)

  • Spoke as a panel member in a conference organized by MKAI on “Data Monetization: Pay for Data”. In this talk I represent how by making data processors pay for data received from data subject, the business model can become more equitable. (here)

  • I also recently supported CERTNEXUS as a Contributor in defining the Job Task Analysis for a 6 hr Data Ethics Course.

  • Spoke as a presenter (selected based on call for papers) at Society of Ethics Across Curriculum on Capacity Building with Ethical AI education (here)