Advisory & Other work


Advise an AI Governance company with broader guidance for embedding ethics and governance into their product. Also support them in developing content strategies relevant for their product in alignment with emerging regulations.

Advise a company working in the space of Responsible AI to enable them to support their clients with maturity assessment in the space of Responsible AI. This covers fairness, compliance with the EU AI Act, and sectoral regulations in Healthcare. 

Advise an AI startup in developing preliminary mechanisms of trustworthiness in the process as they build their product for  ML ops and AI governance. 

Collaboration with Government

Supported TEC, a division of the Ministry of Telecommunication with a Standard for AI Fairness as part of the working group. This is first national standard for AI Fairness. 



Taught a 30 hr course for engineering students on AI Ethics and Governance for Symbiosis University at Pune. The course involved an introduction to the subject and guidance on identifying critical issues for variety of use cases.