Sundaraparipurnan Narayanan

AI Ethicist | Advisor | Researcher | Podcaster | Educator

  • ​AI ethics researcher with papers published in NeurIPS 2022, ASIS&T SIG-SI and SIG-IEP workshop, Annual Conference of SEAC 2021, A Better Tech convention and career fair, BHCC 2021, and SweDS 2022

  • Fellow of ForHumanity, an organization working towards building criteria for audit of AI systems. Co-authored the Risk Management Framework for audit of AI systems as part of ForHumanity.

  • Expert workgroup member in developing Standard for AI fairness in Indian context

  • Contributed to response to Request for Information from regulators - NIST, JAIC & Federal Reserve

  • Contributed a draft chapter for a Book Project of Prof. Schmidpeter and Prof. Altenburger on Responsible Leadership and Artificial Intelligence titled ‘Responsible AI business model for better social and business ecosystem’.

  • Published a research titled Mind Control based on a study examining 39 mobile apps used by children for Privacy, Age-appropriateness, and User interface (deceptive design patterns). (here)

  • Published a short position paper on Responsible AI in my mother tongue Tamil (here)

  • Published satirical short stories on ethics and governance of emerging technology (here).

  • Created #memes to communicate the understanding of AI ethics and governance in regional language (Mother tongue: Tamil). These #memes covered aspects of privacy, data ethics, flaws of automated content moderation, ethical issues in recommendation engines and governance around adverse event monitoring in a social media setting. This was developed to create awareness on ethics and governance of AI, using a method that is well consumed by people of all age group (here)

  • Use art , games, videos, podcast, and doodles to simplify understanding of nuances relating to AI governance on social media.

  • Run two open-source projects namely, (a) OpenBox that compiling a repository of open and unresolved issues in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and (b) Automated Misinformation, a project aimed at collating datasets of misinformation-led-mistranslation in low-resource global south languages.

  • Mentored(ing) AI ethics and governance professionals from Australia, Brazil, Iran, Spain, the US, India and Indonesia as part of All Tech Is Human community.

Current Affiliations and associated contribution

  1. Fellow of ForHumanity

  2. All Tech is Human Contributor. Continuing to mentor practitioners (from India, Spain & US) on Responsible AI path as part of All Tech Is Human’s Mentorship Programme.